Research paper writing help: 7 steps to complete your work on time

In order to improve your research paper writing you typically need a paradigm shift. You need to figure out what works for you and why, and perhaps learn new skills that you need to write strong papers. The news is that you can acquire skills to write a strong research paper, skills which will only improve the more you practice.

Gathering information

Sometimes your teacher will set aside a reading list for your research paper, D items inside of which are required. Other times it might make suggestions as to where you can find information. And sometimes you might be asked together all of the sources on your own. If your teacher does prescribe the reading for your research paper does always worth a little extra effort to see what you can find in the library can had a fresh perspective or some depth to your argument. Is also just as important to think carefully as to whether the source you're going to use it valuable.

So which sources should you use? The right sources will vary based on your subject. There are some common sources across all subjects which are most appropriate:

Academic articles

Academic articles are research papers which were written by scholars who currently work at a university. They are often published within a journal or a book. These are always a useful resource and you can find them by looking in your school library or simply checking on the scholarly journal websites if your school offers a subscription to them. You can search for keywords that will interesting topic and see what they generate.

Newspaper articles

Certain research papers for history classes might benefit greatly from useful evidence taken from a newspaper article. If you are writing a scholarly reports in biology a newspaper article may not necessarily be sufficient. If you do incorporate a newspaper article make sure that you consider the factors which might create bias and include those items within the confines of the paper.

Internet-based websites

Internet-based websites are useful starting point and can help you to cultivate a foundation from which to generate thorough ideas and further research but they should never be used as a reference in your information. Instead, if you're going to look at a site such as Wikipedia, refer to the reference section located at the bottom of the article and see where the information was taken. If the information was taken from a reputable academic source, you might consider reviewing those reputable academic sources and incorporating them into your paper rather than citing the Wikipedia article.

How do you take notes?

Taking good notes from the sources that you research will save you a significant amount of time when it comes to planning and writing your paper

Type Notes

Type out notes as you read the sources. Do not just underline or highlight inside of the text because you will nonetheless have to transcribe the sections you highlighted or underlined at a later point in time. If you skip this step altogether and instead type out the notes that you want to use as you were reading to have a summary of the most important sections of the sources rather than having to search through the documents again looking for the quote that you want to incorporate when your deadline is fast approaching.

Exact Wording

If you think that you want to quote something later, copy the exact wording that is used in the documentation but also incorporate the bibliographic information so that you can save yourself time when it comes to your citations.