A Selection Of Interesting Ancient World History Research Paper Topics

If you have been told to write a research paper on an ancient world history topic and are confused on what to write on, then you have come to the correct place.

Some students get bored with ancient world history, but if a topic is chosen that is interesting then some students may actually find it fun working on that topic. Pick the topic that you find interesting and that has the most information on it. You do not want to get bored with a dull topic. Take the research paper as something fun that you can learn from.

Below are some interesting ancient world history topics that you can have a look at and pick for your research paper.

  1. What factors led to the growth and prosperity of ancient Egyptian civilization and what were the main causes that led to its downfall?
  2. Analyze common factors that caused World War I and World War II?
  3. Compare and contract ancient Egyptian civilization and ancient Greek civilization?
  4. Analyze why Alexander the Great is still remembered?
  5. Why was ancient Egypt able to prosper so much? Analyze the main factors that led to its immense prosperity?
  6. How was the agricultural revolution able to aid Britain and its population?
  7. Which countries were able to progress the most because of the industrial revolution and why?
  8. Compare and contrast the industrial revolution and the agricultural revolution?
  9. Was the industrial revolution or the agricultural revolution able to make the world progress more?
  10. What are the main achievements of the Aztecs?
  11. Which ancient civilization was able to help the world the most and why?
  12. The impacts of ancient civilizations on modern life?
  13. Which civilization was able to contribute the most to the textile industry and why?
  14. The impact of religion on the politics of ancient Egypt?
  15. The impact that ancient Roman civilization had on the modern world?

When choosing a topic for your ancient world history subject remember that it is better to select the one that will interest you. Choose the one that will not make you feel bored. You may select the one that you know a bit more about. Do not choose a very complicated topic that does not have much information and will make you feel discouraged from working on it. You may pick one from the above topics that you feel is interesting.