How To Find Interesting Research Paper Topics: Guidelines For High School Students

To create an excellent paper is not easy, and you know it very well. You need to take so many elements in consideration, that most of the time you don’t even know from where to start. Even more, once you started you have to be ready for weeks of research, reading, writing and correcting. With a lot of hard work, you can submit a fantastic composition, but you need to be careful with every step. Of course, the first thing you need to think about is the topic. When you are out of ideas, follow the guidelines:

  • Think about the books you’ve read. It does not matter what kind of literature it is, or what author. The important thing is to find an idea that is worth exploring. For sure you have that special book that stayed in your mind, and that you could read over and over again. What is the theme of the book? Can you explore it? It’s vital for you to have interest in the topic when you write. It will not seem so hard this way.
  • Watch the news. You probably never thought about this. A research paper requires a lot of documentation, but in the same time the subject needs to be engaging for your classmates. To be sure that they did not explore it before, choose something new, extraordinary. When you watch the news you find out about the latest discoveries, political movements and so on.
  • Search on the Internet. This is the easy thing to do when you don’t want to make too much effort. There are so many websites that contain paper ideas, that you will not know which one to choose. You can even get inspired from other compositions, and add a different perspective to your assignment.
  • Discuss with your classmates. Is there any topic that is particularly interesting for them? Maybe something related to that new documentary the professor presented? When your classmates are interested in your composition, your professor will be impressed. It is well known that not many things can impress a teenager.
  • Study your history book. And by this, I don’t mean to choose as subject an old, boring way. It can be exciting to write about the past of your country, old habits and society rules, or how your region evolved.