15 Great Term Paper Topics On Information Technology For University Students

With the advent of civilization the technologies have come a long way. As a college student you must be aware of some of the recent developments in the field of information technologies and be able to write on it if required. If you have decided to base your term paper on this broad section then you will have to pick a specific topic. It is a vast field with too many sub branches. You will have to narrow down your search and select an effective topic.

Here are 15 examples to help you choose:

  1. The implication of globalization and the effect of technology on global economy.
  2. Is it wrong to genetically engineer your child? Does technology cross the line when it comes to morals?
  3. Does the way a person interact with another person influence the way he interacts with a machine?
  4. The effect of digital learning on the education system.
  5. The way social networking has changed the world and helps the human race to come together and get alienated at the same time.
  6. The dangers and advantages of having automobiles that drive themselves.
  7. Are we too much dependent on artificial intelligence?
  8. Does the use of smart phones in schools and office lowered the significant productivity or it has boosted the performance.
  9. The way many people manage their social networking profile is. Is it ethical?
  10. The use of technology in military devices and advance war fare is commendable but has it made humans really safe?
  11. The purpose of nuclear weapons and should they be destroyed? If yes then how?
  12. Should the government spend money on military technology or some other type of technological developments?
  13. Does the information technology rob young people of their attention span.
  14. The negative and positive effects of living in technologically improved world.
  15. The most important contribution of technology in getting world peace.

These are some of the topics you can work one. But there are many other aspects of information technology that you can explore in order to get good topics. There may be differences in ideals but you will have to provide the counter arguments in case you are going to work on debatable topic. While writing on technological issues you will have to mention the various technical terms. Try and keep them to the minimum so that everyone can understand.