List Of 20 Interesting Research Paper Ideas For Nursing

Writing a research paper is a difficult but interesting process. One of the very significant steps in creating a good paper is choosing a topic. If you’re asked to write a paper on nursing, you need to narrow down this topic in order to make your paper more interesting to the reader. If you cannot come up with a good idea, you may need to look at a list of other nursing topics to get some inspiration.

Ideas for a Research Paper on Nursing

  1. A nurse in the role of an anesthesiologist.
  2. The analysis of a nurse’s plan of treating a patient.
  3. The role of a nurse in caring for newborn infants.
  4. Ways for nurses to improve the treatment of patients with chronic conditions.
  5. The duties of a nurse in the comprehensive anesthesia care.
  6. The difficulties of working as a member of the nursing corps.
  7. Nurses and patient confidentiality.
  8. Ways to deal with the risk for infection working as a nurse.
  9. The importance of the high qualification in pediatric nursing.
  10. The features of taking care of elderly patients.
  11. The role of a nurse in dealing with preeclampsia.
  12. The problem of shortage of qualified nurses.
  13. The role of a nurse in treating patients with preoperative anxiety.
  14. Nurses and sexual assaults.
  15. Nursing and patient safety.
  16. The problem of discrimination of male nurses.
  17. The role of nurses in treating patients who should undergo emotional rehabilitation.
  18. The role of nurses in taking care of patients with phobias.
  19. The comparison of nursing practices in different countries.
  20. The evolvement of the nursing profession over the years.

How to Complete your Research Paper Successfully

Once your topic has been selected, you should begin carrying out your study. If you aren’t sure what to do, go to your instructor for advice. They should know what sources and methods are the best for your topic. You may consult your instructor at any stage of your work if you have doubts about the correctness of your decisions. Before you start writing, it’s highly recommended to create a detailed outline. This way, you won’t need to improvise during the writing process but rather follow your notes.

Compose your first draft and take it to your instructor for the examination. They will point out your mistakes and state what should be changed. Do this several times until your instructor is satisfied with your draft. Then, proofread your paper several times and format it properly.