List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On The Kite Runner

You may be asked to write a research paper on the popular novel Kite Runner. When it comes to handling this type of assignment, you will find that once your find a topic to write about, the rest is a lot easier. When choosing a topic, you want to ensure that you can find evidence in the piece to back it up. It is a good idea to work to create a research question that you will work to prove and then make sure that you have enough evidence to conduct the research.

You should make sure that the topic that you choose is interesting to you so that you will write a better paper. Here are some topics to choose from. Everyone is interested in different things so not everything on this list will appeal to you. Find the ones that do and start to do some brainstorming to see which one you would be able to get the most supporting evidence to prove and the one that you feel like you could develop a great paper on.

  1. Dealing with betrayal
  2. Ideas regarding forgiveness
  3. Class differences
  4. Ethnic tensions
  5. The experience of an immigrant
  6. Love
  7. Significance of the Pomegranate Tree
  8. Myth of Rostam and Sohrab
  9. Symbolism regarding Amir’s Scar
  10. Symbolism regarding the slingshots

When you have chosen a topic, it is a good idea to read the piece again looking for specific evidence to support your topic. If you remember the sections that would apply, you could skim through the rest to find these parts. It is a good idea to read the piece out loud as well. It is a great way to get a better grasp on it. You tend to read a little slower when you read out loud and this may help you find things that you simply missed the first time. You will tend to understand more the second time around anyways because you have the whole picture. Things that you missed the first time, will be picked up on in the second read through.

These ideas should help you decided exactly what you need your paper written on and help you find the best ways to present the information effectively and efficiently so that you come up with a great paper to be proud of.