Writing A Strong Research Paper On Marketing Problems

Marketing is a great subject to write about as there are many topics you can choose from. So, if you’ve decided to write a research paper on one of them, you need it to be thorough and strong. Here are some tips that will help you write one brilliantly.

  1. Make preparations.
    • Choose the topic of your paper. Try to find something you’re passionate about and want to speak up on.
    • Check on other research. It’s really vital that you know how well your problem is studied. There’s really no point in writing about something well-researched as you won’t say anything new, and it’s also quite possible that you’ll repeat someone else’s work.
    • Gather information from all the available sources. Don’t limit your search. Also make sure that it’s up-to-date (unless you’re doing a retrospective study).
    • Choose the goal of your paper. It may be either an argumentation or an analysis. Use the first type if have a strong point of view on the problem you’re ready to argue on, and choose the second type if you’re going to offer a new approach to the problem through the information you have gathered.
  2. Get to writing.
    • Make an outline of your paper. It will help you organize your thoughts and notes.
    • Write an introduction. Don’t spend too much time on it. It’s more than possible that after you’ve finished writing the body part, you’ll want to adjust the introduction to make it represent your research better. However, don’t skip writing the introduction, because you need a starting point.
    • Describe the importance of the problem in the opening part. Write your thesis and the purpose of your paper. Give some brief description of how you conducted your research and what information you used.
    • Write the body part using one paragraph per point.
    • Restate the introduction and the body parts of your paper in your conclusion. Make it stronger than in the introduction, and remember to end it on a broader note, such as suggestions for how your research could be used and what could be added to it.
  3. Make it great.
    • Think about your audience. Will your paper be read by marketing experts or is your research for a more general audience? Will they be interested?
    • Keep in mind that you should support your statements with strong evidence. Use facts, statistics, experts’ opinions, etc. You need to make a convincing point, so the choice of evidence is crucial.
    • Make sure that your writing flows, your points are logical, and there are no mistakes of any kind.