Writing An Econometrics Term Paper: 20 Fresh Ideas

Econometrics isn’t one of the most popular subjects studied by students in the present day. In fact, many students will only come into contact with the topic when studying a different subject, such as mathematics, in which econometrics may make an appearance. Nevertheless, the will still be occasions when students will have to write a term paper based on econometrics and, therefore, will need to think of a fresh idea to base the work on. Ultimately, there are a variety of different approaches that you can take when trying to think of an idea for a term paper that is related to econometrics. For examples, you can look at various theoretical ideas and models or, alternatively, you can look at how the subject can be used to analyse and explain real-life events and occurrences. If there is any particular area of the subject that you are interested in then you may which to explore that area further, in order to think of a title for your essay. Alternatively, you may wish to look at some of the ideas listed below, so as to help inspire you.

  1. Outline and explain what statistical models used in econometrics
  2. How can econometrics be used in the real world?
  3. Identify and explain a criticism that can be made of econometrics
  4. In relation to econometrics, compare and contrast the use of observational data and results obtained through controlled experiments
  5. Analyse the use of artificial intelligence in relation to decision-making in econometrics
  6. Outline and explain the main decision-making methods used in econometrics
  7. How is the linear regression model used for analysis in econometrics?
  8. What is econometrics?
  9. Using Okun's law, analyse the growth in GDP in relation to unemployment in Ireland over the past decade
  10. Discuss any problems associated with estimation theory
  11. Discuss simultaneous-equation models and how they are used
  12. Evaluate an example of econometrics software
  13. In what way do governments use econometric models?
  14. Discuss the statistical properties of appropriate estimators
  15. Discuss use of control theory in relation to econometrics
  16. What are ordinary least squares and how are they used in econometrics?
  17. What is applied econometrics?
  18. How is forecasting used in econometrics?
  19. How was econometrics developed as a field of study?
  20. What limitations do various econometric theories have when trying to determine and forecast outcomes in the real world?