Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics: Top 28 Ideas

An argumentative research paper is a project in which you give arguments to defend a certain point of view. If you are starting such a project, the first thing you need is a good strong topic that will let you discover your opinion.

The best topic for a winning argumentative research paper is one that keeps you interested. You should want to know more about the subject and share your knowledge with others. Besides that, check whether the topic you have chosen has enough reference information.

Below, you can find several interesting topic ideas for your paper.

  1. Can standardized college tests show a student’s real abilities and talents?
  2. Can one really win a lottery jackpot? What is the possibility of winning?
  3. Can our taxes be lower without damage to the economy?
  4. Are teenagers too concentrated on their online life?
  5. Should men have the possibility of getting paternity leave, just as woman do?
  6. Is it good to use animals for research?
  7. Should the government forbid tobacco smoking?
  8. Should security cameras be banned as a violation of privacy?
  9. Has our society become more concentrated on children compared to past years?
  10. Should teens have access to free condoms to prevent early pregnancies?
  11. Is it true that video games are able to develop violence in a person?
  12. Is it right to teach children creationism in schools?
  13. Should the government be more active in supporting the development and usage of biofuel?
  14. Is it necessary to reinforce alcohol consumption control to prevent underage DUIs?
  15. Which free-time occupations can prevent teens from getting in trouble?
  16. What’s the advantage of having homework compared to having no assignments?
  17. Should society focus on making education affordable for everyone?
  18. What are the human-made effects in global warming?
  19. Can all elections be totally fair?
  20. Can anybody apply physical or emotional torture to anybody?
  21. Should parents keep their children away from the Web to save them from online stalkers?
  22. What is the real danger of cell phones?
  23. Should we give more attention to the amount and content of waste we throw away?
  24. Should society revise the importance in salary ratios of celebrities’ and teachers’ work?
  25. Does the United States need several more official languages?
  26. Does too much parental care ruin a child’s personality?
  27. Are there good reasons for the creation of single-sex schools?
  28. Does religion play a great role in military conflicts?