A Brief Manual On How To Do Research For A Term Paper

Research is an extremely important part of a term paper. Basically if you don’t to the research properly, you won’t have a good research paper at all. Here is a brief manual on how to do research for a term paper:

  • First you have to have your subject before you can do research – It is important that you have a subject before you begin your research. Once you start your research you will begin to narrow down your search down to a topic. The best way to find some topic ideas is to brainstorm so you can find a topic that you enjoy.
  • Make sure there is adequate research for the topic you are doing your paper on. Once you have narrowed down your topics to about 5 or 6, you should start to research each of them. There is nothing more frustrating than doing research and not finding enough information on the topics. Eliminate a few more topics by the ones that have the least information. Once you have 3 or so left, you need to decide which one you enjoy the most and choose your topic. Now that you have your topic, you need to continue researching while you are deciding what your thesis statement will be. As you continue to research, your thesis statement will come to you.
  • Research more once you have a thesis statement – Now that you have your thesis statement you need to research more so that you can support your thesis statement. You need to find at least three supporting statements for your thesis statement. Make sure you keep good notes so that you can match all of them up with your supporting statements.
  • Organize your research so you can create your outline – Now that you have enough research, you can put your notes on index cards and organize them according to your outline. The better you organize your notes, the better your outline will be and then the better your term paper will be. You will be able to create your rough draft and then the rest of your term paper will be easy because all of your important information will be in your outline from your research.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will adequately research your term paper so you can do an accurate and thorough job.