A List Of Unusual Research Paper Topics For University Students

Having been asked to write a research paper every once in a while, there are times when students can come up with really crazy ideas. At times when you read through some of the topics that students come up with it is hard not to get surprised. You might wonder whether it was a joke or if the student just doesn’t have an idea what they are supposed to do.

These are some of the thoughts that come through the minds of teachers when they come to mark some papers after students hand them in. It is indeed weird to come across some of the topics, and what is weirder is the fact that someone actually sat down and decided that it was the best they could come up with

Either way, a teacher must still go ahead and mark the paper fairly, however unusual or bizarre the paper looks. You cannot begrudge a student marks for thinking outside the box. As a matter of fact there are some students that have been lucky enough, and even ended up getting more marks just for thinking slightly outside the norm. This is not supposed to mean that you have the go ahead to do the same, but what it basically means is that there are things that should only be left to the imagination. If you choose to go out on a limb and work with the same, there is no guarantee, but leaving all to hope.

That being said, here are some really crazy paper ideas that some students have ever handed in:

  • The cause and effect of country music on suicidal tendencies on white people
  • Sex and love with robots; legalization of robot-human marriages to be in effect in 2050
  • Foreign bodies in the rectal cavity; explaining the presence of foreign bodies in the body
  • Reaction of chicken to beautiful human beings; proof that animals have preferences to the humans that they come across, and it’s all sexual
  • Calculating the rectal pressure associated with expulsion of fecal matter from penguins
  • Farting as a natural self-defense mechanism in humans
  • Explaining the advanced brains of taxi drivers in London as compared to the rest of the citizens

Incredibly, these are some topics that have really been discussed in the past. However, before you decide to write something like this, think twice and think hard.