The 12 Best Research Paper Topics On The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disorder that effects millions of people around the world. Often, it develops following a traumatic experience or an event. War veterans, domestic abuse victims and other individuals typically have to deal with the last effects of this disorder for years after the onset of PTSD. In schools, many English classes and psychology papers will require papers on this topic. Rather than writing a basic essay about the topic, students can use the following research paper ideas for a more interesting paper.

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Veterans
  2. One of the most common topics relates to how veterans deal with PTSD. An estimated one out of five soldiers that go on a combat tour end up returning with symptoms.

  3. The Connotations of Having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  4. How is PTSD perceived by the media and society? Is it accurately portrayed in movies and television shows?

  5. Shell Shock and PTSD
  6. How has the scientific understanding of PTSD changed over time? How were soldiers treated for shell shock in previous wars?

  7. The Hidden Sufferers
  8. People often focus on soldiers and PTSD, but many other people develop it. How do abuse victims and domestic violence survivors deal with PTSD? Are they treated with similar techniques as soldiers?

  9. An Overview
  10. For a basic research paper on post-traumatic stress disorder, students can write about the basic symptoms and treatments for the disorder.

  11. Changing Treatments
  12. How have treatments for PTSD changed over the last century? How has the medical understanding of this illness gradually shifted?

  13. Freud and PTSD
  14. What was Sigmund Freud's view of PTSD? Is it still relevant today?

  15. The Immune System
  16. Are post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers more likely to experience illness? How does having PTSD effect the immune system? What is the current state of research on this question?

  17. Gender and PTSD
  18. Do men and women experience PTSD differently? Could a gender difference in the experience of having PTSD be related to the different reasons why each gender may develop PTSD? Are there other reasons to justify a gender-based difference existing?

  19. Symptoms
  20. What are the psychological tests used to identify PTSD? Are these tests always accurate? What are the symptoms of PTSD?

  21. Literature
  22. What major novels and literary works include individuals who have PTSD? How is this disorder portrayed in literature?

  23. Get Personal
  24. For an English essay, students can write about their personal experience with post-traumatic stress disorder. They can discuss how this disorder affected the lives of their family and friends.