Writing A Medical Research Paper: Topics For High School

Academic writings that relates to the medical field are considered one of the tougher nuts to crack. The volume of knowledge required to compose such papers with tenacity qualifies as the greatest reason. But that does not mean there are no other reasons. Things become particularly complex if these topics in medical research surface at a high school level.

At high school, medical papers are primarily of two types: information centric and trend centric. The information centric papers focus on the categorical information that the researcher wants to present on the topic. There is little room for arguments here. On the other hand, the trend centric papers can be a lot more open. There is not only argumentative scope, but the author may also express their views certain developments.

Topics for research

Based on the above two categories, there are a few things that you need to watch out for. For high school students, it is safer to choose informative topics over argumentative topics. Here are some topics that you can choose for your medical academic paper.

  • The role of individual choice: is blaming fast food restaurants fair?
  • Should employees press upon their bosses to allow exercise during work?
  • Sprays, antibiotics, steroids: are manufacturers of food out for the kill?
  • Almost all developed nations enjoy universal health coverage, why not US?
  • Is selling human organs ethical? What are the laws on the same?
  • Medical Privacy: which medical information needs to be kept private?
  • Lead Poisoning: should China-manufactured toys be banned in the US?
  • What medical consequences do children suffer if they are forced into sports?
  • Should there at least be some weight limit for fashion models
  • Should controlled substances be tracked under a national database?
  • Is it fair for the government to ignore the kinds of food served in school cafeterias?

Further assistance

You are always encouraged to take the aid of your mentors and teachers while composing the paper. You may also ask categorical questions to teachers of different subjects and build a better case with the answers that you get. Additional help is also available online. Better options include medical journals and research guides.

It is wise to understand the purpose of medical papers better before starting out with more resources on work. You are better off concentrating on a few resources rather than addling it with several resources at the same time. You may find assistance on the ideal number of reference resources at this website.