A List Of Successful Research Paper Topics Worth Writing About

A research paper is an assignment designed to help students learn more about a chosen study subject, improve their writing skills, and develop research abilities. It’s advisable to choose a topic that interests you and corresponds to your studies. If you don’t know how to select an interesting research idea for your paper, you might look for a how-to writing manual or simply look at a sample list of successful topics worth writing about to get inspired.

The following list of research paper ideas is composed to help you come up with your own topic:

  1. GPS systems: how do they work?
  2. Why do animals need sleep?
  3. A healthy lifestyle: perspectives from different nations.
  4. The religious conflict in Nigeria: what are its origins?
  5. The Age of Discoveries: the main travels of Spanish and Portuguese voyagers.
  6. The invention of a cell phone: how has the device changed over the years?
  7. Mobile phone viruses: in what ways do they affect phones?
  8. The disappearance of the dinosaurs: the major scientific theories.
  9. Tobacco use: how does it affect the human body?
  10. The stock market crash in 2008: the main causes.
  11. The Great Depression vs. the Great Recession: similarities and differences.
  12. Animals as pets: how were cats and dogs domesticated?
  13. The film industry: how has it been affected by digital downloading?
  14. Endangered species: why should people protect wildlife?
  15. Teenage literacy: the effects of text messaging.
  16. Energy conservation technologies for households: are they affordable?
  17. Vaccination: do the benefits outweigh the potential risks?
  18. Sleep disorders: how are they usually treated?
  19. A hybrid car: how does it save energy?
  20. An Internet censorship in China: how is it used and for what purposes?
  21. The most popular search engines: how do they work?
  22. Artificial tanning: what are the risks, compared to prolonged exposure to the sun?
  23. The Manhattan Project: its impact on the U.S. and the world.
  24. Climate change: human-made causes vs. natural processes.
  25. Use of nuclear power: the dangers vs. benefits.

The research paper topics provided above are very different. Any of them can be used as a starting point. However, you can revise your topic later and change it if it doesn’t match your research interests. Either way, you should get your chosen paper topic approved by your supervisor before starting to work on it.