25 Impressive Research Paper Topics On Death Of A Salesman

Death Of A Salesman was written by Pulitzer Prize recipient Arthur Miller in 1949. What started out as a playwright has now become one of the best books ever written. This list includes 25 research topics that ask questions about the playwright and book, and how can we approach the situation now.

  1. What do you think the American Dream is?
  2. How did society reach a point of redefining what we once considered “The American Dream?”
  3. Has America’s society appropriately progressed or regressed with the new era way of thinking?
  4. How good or bad was Willy in regards to representing the American Dream?
  5. Did Willy cause his own demise or was it the era of society that he lived in?
  6. What are the different things/methods/decisions that Willy could have made to change the bad situations to good situations?
  7. Should the man be ultimately responsible for the American Dream when it comes to his family?
  8. How did the American Dream drastically change from what it once was?
  9. How much of an effect has Wall Street had on the definition of the American Dream?
  10. Will we ever get back to having a logical American Dream that fits today’s society?
  11. Are the decisions we make now affecting future generations for better or for worse?
  12. Did Arthur Miller articulate the time frame appropriately?
  13. Who is considered the salesman of the American Dream?
  14. Is it a myth that the American Dream even exists anymore?
  15. What are the morals and values that can be considered the American standard?
  16. Have the wars America went through altered the American Dream?
  17. Who is responsible for the alteration of the American Dream?
  18. Should America follow the communism lifestyle that other countries are currently following?
  19. How big of a role does American politics play in this situation?
  20. Are we worrying about money and the economy being the root of evil in America society?
  21. Is there a way we can change the paradigm of modern morals and values to fit the traditional morals and values?
  22. What are examples of today that can be considered the American Dream?
  23. Is there a major difference between what was once the American Dream and what it is perceived to be today?
  24. What are the key factors/elements of the American Dream?
  25. Was the American Dream made to be a “one size fits all” standard?

These topics are sure to provide you with a useable topic for your paper.