Coming Up With Captivating Topics For A College Research Paper In Literature

It can be quite challenging trying to think of captivating topics for your Literature research paper, but if you try out some of these suggestions you may find the task less of a headache.

  1. Compare. Look at the way that Classical writers such as Jane Austen treated their heroines, do you think that a modern writer could do the same?
  2. Etiquette. Explore the way that the classical writer informs their reader for the etiquette that is expected as part of the society that they live in.
  3. Horror. Thinking of books such as Dracula, how does the writer engage the reader? Are similar tactics employed by poets? If so who?
  4. Social Issues. Discuss the way that the author treats characters of ethnic minorities within their books are they assigned specific roles?
  5. Modern Culture. Is there a place in modern culture to understand much of the work of Shakespeare? If so how his work could be revitalized.
  6. A good read. What is the formula for a 'page turner' book? Does it have to appeal to a particular audience?
  7. Literature for children. What sort of literature do children like to read? Is it OK for them to read books that are meant for a younger audience?
  8. Learning to read. How does the way that you learned to read impact on the choices that are made for read for pleasure?
  9. What is a romance story? What are the components of a good romance story? Do people still read romance stories?
  10. Classical Work. How relevant is the works of Chaucer? Has his work become unpopular? Why is it important?
  11. Should Literature only be read by specific audiences? Are certain works aimed at specific people or specific groups of people/
  12. Films and Literature. How important is it that film makers stay close to the content of a book when they are recreating as a film?
  13. Attitude. Is Literature still important enough to study as a subject? If so at what age should students studying?
  14. Notes. Is it important to have explanatory notes? How much should the writer assume what the reader knows?
  15. Science Fiction or Science Fact. Compare popular science fiction of 50 years ago and what is now science fact.
  16. Films/Movies. How important is it to be able to watch a movie that has been made of the book you have been studying? Is it helpful?
  17. Poetry. Poetry tends to lose popularity. Why do you think that is the case? What could be done to help gain a better appreciation of poetry?
  18. Analyzing Poetry. How easy is it to learn to analyze poetry? How much appreciation does the reader gain by doing an in depth analysis?
  19. What is literature? Define what is meant by literature. Does the definition or the appreciation of good literature differ in different social circles?
  20. What is the best ever piece of Literature and why? This would require some in depth research. What actually makes a good piece of Literature?