Choosing High School Research Paper Topics: Guidelines For Dummies

Many students wish to look for various guidelines for dummies when it comes to writing a variety of different academic papers. For example, it can be hugely important and beneficial to look for relevant advice when it comes to writing a high school research paper.

In fact, many students may have a reasonable understanding of what approach they wish to take when it comes to writing the paper; however, they may simply struggle to think of good topics to write about in the first place. Actually, sometimes one of the hardest things about the essay writing process is simply identifying a good topic to write about in the first place. Therefore, if you are in high school and you need to write a research paper you might be wondering what guidelines you can use when it comes to think of good topics. If this is the case then you may wish to consider various brainstorming techniques, as they can help to inspire a range of different ideas.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider looking through various past papers, so as to see if you get any inspiration based on what other people have written before. In fact, if you are looking for inspiration for a good topic then the following list may help you.

  • What role do women play in the Armed Forces and how have things changed over the past two decades? Is that a place for feminism in modern society, and does the movement still have the same aims and moral justifications of when it first started out?
  • Compare and contrast the role of men in the family in the present day and in the 1950s
  • To what extent is hunting for large game a problem in Africa, in relation to the extinction of various animals?
  • Compare and contrast the different food groups, and explain what is required for individuals to have a healthy diet
  • How closely our technology and medicine linked in the 21st century?
  • How Prevalent Is Depression?
  • Compare the prevalence of depression in the United States with a developing country of your choice, and analyze your findings to discuss why it depression rates may vary from country to country
  • What is dyslexia and on the any steps or techniques that can be used in order to minimize or overcome the effects of the condition?
  • Why is there so much money in competitive sports and where does it come from?