Coming Up With Research Paper Topics On Business Administration

If you decided to create a research paper on business administration, you have a difficult road ahead. This requires weeks of research and a good imagination. Of course, it’s easy to make a simple paper on a dull topic, but you want much more than this. You need something that will impress everyone, that will be remembered by your classmates and that will bring you the maximum grade. The topic is the most important element of your project, because you will build everything else around it. Follow these advices to find some really good subjects:

  • Present real cases. Think about the most popular brands in your country, and read as much as you can about them. You need to find out how the company started and how it evolved. If possible, try to talk with the owner, so he can tell you the complete story. In this way you can give your classmates some really good tips on how to administrate a building, and they will see by themselves that anything is possible when you work hard enough.
  • Discuss about the hierarchy. In any large company, there is a hierarchy that the employees need to follow. Surprisingly or not, the director is not usually involved in the decisions that are made. He is just supervising all the activity and he will interfere only in serious cases. The ones who take the decisions are the CEO, the manager, the lawyers and so on.
  • Mention some marketing techniques. Every company wants to sell something, even if we are talking about goods or services. In order to do this, they need to have a very smart marketing strategy that will attract clients. There are many ways to get publicity, starting from TV commercials to advertisements on the Internet. Discuss about the most effective techniques and how a small company should use them.
  • Analyze the moral aspects. Every business wants to be successful, but at what costs? There are companies that sell dangerous products, but they do not care as long as they make a good profit. The cigarettes companies can be a very good example.
  • International businesses. It takes years to build one, but they are usually extremely successful in more than one country. You can give some examples and present their expansion. They starting from a small company, and they ended up spreading on the entire continent.