Writing An Example Outline For A 5 Page Research Paper

A five-page research paper is the easiest assignment that a student will ever be given in an English class. It takes up about a page of single-spaced writing and can be completed in just a few hours if the student is focused. To get started on this type of writing, students should begin by creating an outline of their work. This outline will consist of an introduction, a conclusion and three body paragraphs.

The Introduction and Thesis Statement

The beginning of any research paper will always be the introduction. This introduction should include an interesting anecdote, question or fact that draws the reader into the story line. In the middle or toward the end of the introduction, the student will want to include their thesis statement. This will normally take up just one sentence, and it will consist of the student's entire argument. In the thesis statement, the student will need to state their case. For it to be considered a thesis statement, it has to be debatable. Likewise, the student must also be able to support their argument through facts and evidence.

Making the Body Paragraphs

In a five-paragraph essay, there are only three body paragraphs to worry about. Each body paragraph needs a topic sentence that sums it up and builds on the thesis statement. Additionally, the body paragraphs will need to have two or three pieces of supporting evidence that support them. These pieces of evidence can be drawn from books, course materials, academic journals or the Internet. To get the best grade, students will need to make sure that all of their evidence is from reputable, academic sources.

The Conclusion

At the end of the research paper, the student needs to write the conclusion. In essence, this portion of the document will sum up the student's argument and restate the original thesis statement. When the reader finishes the conclusion, they should be swayed to believe in the student's argument. There should be no lasting questions or problems in the reader's mind because it is the student's job to make sure that these questions have already been answered in the main portion of the paper.

Students who need extra help with building an outline can always ask their teacher for examples or advice. In addition, there are many resources available online that the student can use as a guide. From writing websites to library books, students can get the help that they need to complete their research paper without any hassles.