A Manual For Composing A Good Term Paper About Terrorism 

A term paper is an academic work that is usually written at the end of a semester. You are supposed to research an assigned concept, event, or situation and describe or argue it in your piece of writing. As a rule, teachers ask students to explore some burning issues of reality, and the problem of terrorism is not an exception. Perhaps, you are not delighted with such a choice, and this topic may not seem interesting to you at the moment. However, a term paper should be written, and it should be written well. Make use of the following manual and compose a winning term paper about terrorism.

  • Decide what to write about.
  • Terrorism is a multi-faceted issue, and lots of interesting aspects can be explored within the limits of this general topic. For example, examine the personality of Osama bin Laden, find out what the war on terrorism is, or learn how civil liberties and anti-terroristic acts can coexist. Moreover, it is not necessary that you research the subject from the conventional point of view. You may also devote your term paper to the problems of cyberterrorism or bioterrorism.

  • Do research.
  • The success of your work depends on the sources you use. Look for the original scholarly sources. For example, if you are writing about a particular anti-terroristic program, try to find an actual published report of this program. Lots of useful materials on the topic can be found in scholarly books, journals, and magazines. The Internet sources should be sorted out. Refer only to the credible websites in the process of work.

  • Outline your work.
  • A good outline will help you arrange your thoughts and ideas in an effective order. Decide which points should be included first, and which ones can be left for the last. Specify what steps should be taken to fit an assigned structure (an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion).

  • Write your paper.
  • Write a draft or several drafts if necessary. Stick to your outline. To avoid plagiarism, consistently cite the sources. Your term paper should be crafted in a proper academic style. Namely, write in simple sentences and simple paragraphs, use active tense, avoid colloquial English and clichés, and don’t forget about transitions.

  • Review your writing.
  • Pay attention to the structure and your choice of words. Look for the mistakes. Ask your friend to read your paper. Consider all comments when making final corrections. If you are satisfied with your work at this stage, your teacher is likely to be satisfied as well.