How To Compose An A-Grade Research Paper On Leadership Skills

There are certain leadership skills, which a good leader should hold. Some people were just born to be in a guide position. He or she should be honest, hard working, articulate, inquisitive, compassionate, wise, knowledgeable, and fair. There are other qualities, which could be considered important. You will want to make sure you pick a topic in the field that interests you and then research your field. Also consider your audience, will this composition be for your peers or your teacher? These two very different audiences will have different needs on this great choice. Follow these steps in order to compose an A-Grade paper on Leadership skills.


  • Pick the skill-pick the one area you wish to focus on in the paper. If you are doing a comparison or contrast, you could pick two or more areas
  • Write your thesis statement-make sure your main ideas can be supported
  • Get your topic and your thesis approved by your teacher
  • Make an outline-if you will turn it in, find out if the teacher wants a topic outline or a sentence outline
  • Consider getting some interviews from life coaches, inspirational or motivational speakers, or authors in the field
  • Start working on the rough draft-do not worry if you have to make a lot of changes
  • Do not forget to include your in-text citations-find out if the teacher wants you to use MLA or APA style
  • Add more research if you do not have enough to support your main ideas
  • Turn in the rough draft and any other materials the teacher may ask for
  • When you receive the rough draft, make the corrections the teacher requested
  • Also have a friend or family member proof the composition to see if they can spot any errors you might have missed
  • Then prepare to turn in the outline, rough draft, final draft, hard copies of the sources, the final draft, and any thing else the teacher may ask for
  • You may also have to complete an electronic submission that will check for plagiarism

Schools have recognized the importance of children who are willing to lead. There are campus clubs which focus on this skill. You will assuredly get a paper assigned on this hot and trending topic while you are in high school. Use these tips when your teacher gives you this assignment so you can get an A-Grade!