A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Zoology

Are you always fascinated about animal’s behavior, physiology, distribution, structure and classification? Zoology is the subject you should handle in your essay. You will have an in depth learning and you can then decide on undertaking a research about any topic or a certain behavior or characteristic of an animal. This article provides a list of interesting research paper topics about zoology. This is just but a sample of the numerous research paper topics in the animal kingdom that you can choose to pursue and come up with results and findings together with your recommendations. Before writing a paper, you should first select a good topic that is interesting and has never been done before by anyone in your area of study. These sample topics include;

  • An Asian elephant imitates human speech;
  • The erection mechanism of the ratite penis;
  • Assessing the evolution of parasitism;
  • Dopamine modulation of honey bees;
  • The breeding history of the sub Antarctic penguins;
  • The blue ringed octopus and its blue ring;
  • Different categories of bird nesting behaviors;
  • Assessing the impacts of pesticides on wild animals;
  • What makes shark attacks?;
  • The environmental influences on the host-pathogen dynamics of the amphibian chytrid fungus;
  • The oyster genome reveals stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation;
  • The evolution of a novel muscle design in sea urchins;
  • Neural correlates of a magnetic sense;
  • The evolution of the turtle bauplan, the topological relationship of scapula relative to the ribcage;
  • The giant eyes of giant squid;
  • The biodiversity of estuarine and fluvial fish;

The list is endless as the topics are many like the animals on earth. You can also have “what causes the chameleon to change its color, or the effects of global warming on aquatic life-tilapia fish. The topics get sweeter as the list adds up and you can never exhaust the research paper topics on zoology. The animal kingdom cuts across a wide spectrum and therefore you can choose a topic from evolution, ethology, physiology, classification, and structural not forgetting the distribution. With the numerous animal species, this is what makes the beauty of the research due to the unlimited choice. Get that one topic that exites you about animals and you will have an amazing research experience.