Instructions On How To Prepare A Research Paper Introduction On Death Penalty

A research paper is not something easy and if you treat it superficially, you will have a lot of problems. You must understand that it requires a lot of reading, studying and analyzing, not to mention the time that you will spend writing. If all this is ok with you, then you can be confident that you will create something good. When you explore a controversial topic, like the death penalty, you need to be as objective as possible. There are many people with different opinions and you wouldn’t want to offend them. Here is how to prepare the beginning of your composition:

  • Write why did you choose this particular topic. I am sure that everyone has a completely different perspective, and that is why you have to mention your own in a very clear way. You can say that you think that things have to change; either to enforce or to remove the death penalty. Also, you can say that the latest case when someone was sentenced to death made you explore this issue.
  • Make research. I am sure that you know that death penalty is applied since thousands of years in many different cultures. However, there was a time when this was considered barbaric and cruel, and it was prohibited all over the world. What made some countries accept it again? What arguments people had in favor and against it? It’s important to understand all these details if you want to create a good introduction. You will not write everything in the first lines, but it’s necessary to write a sentence or two that will summarize all this.
  • Present the research methods that you used. This can be reading, searching on the internet, discussing with a judge or with a lawyer. Either way, the reader wants to know from the very beginning what did you do to get all the information. Maybe one of the research methods will motivate them to read more.
  • Don’t reveal your opinion. In the introduction you need to talk about general ideas, not to talk about what you think. If you want, you can express your opinion at the end of the research paper, but clearly not in the beginning. If the reader already knows everything he will not have any desire to complete reading the rest of the text.