How To Compose An Introduction For A Research Paper: Tips & Tricks

A research paper is not composed on fancies and roses. It requires systematic planning and reserves for diligence. It also necessitates passion for work; otherwise you may be defeated by its frantic calls midway for labor.

Three major aspects

It has three equally important aspects and a few auxiliary ones. The primary folds are the Introduction, Methodology and Conclusion. Now, the Introduction holds the key since it is the entrance into the written palace and has to be convincing enough.

There are tips and tricks to ensure that you may write the research paper introduction conveniently. Here they are –

  • Pick one major point – Pick one major point that defines your research paper and emphasize it through different perspectives to naturally weave interest among readers. You cannot, however, be chivalrous with the treatment.
  • The thesis statement – The thesis statement holds enormous relevance towards magnifying the Introduction. You need to think of a believable line, which also opens up a small shrift for conflict. Your eventual paper will either strengthen it or question it.
  • Grasping the content – The Introduction is written at the end of the entire paper and so you have every chance to grasp the whole nucleus of what you have done with the research paper. You have to spill the shreds with subtlety so that readers get the clue but do not get verily enlightened.
  • Pose questions – Pick relevant questions regarding the topic or theme and pose it to readers. Of course, you will proceed to answer them in your own sweet time, but till the span of the Introduction, they are left answered.
  • Offer background – You should systematically reveal the resources you have utilized; the areas you have troubled and the reference points for your Methodology. You should also hint at the conclusion, even if vaguely.
  • Enterprising writing style – This is the starting space of your research paper. The writing style should be innately warm and fluent. You need to move to the Methodology and advance from Abstract in a seamless manner. Do not use different styles for different segments. Keep the paragraphs terse yet compact.
  • Address the issue – The major issue of the topic should be subjectively addressed. The objective construction will follow later on.

Keep it original

You should go through credible samples of research paper Introductions to get a veritable idea of how they are carved. Remember to draw inspiration and not blatantly plagiarize from the same. Originality needs to be a key motif.